Why use Customdrapery.biz

Buying drapery products at Customdrapery.biz can be an amazing experience especially if you are looking to completely revitalize your home with custom drapery products. If you have never purchased drapery online before here are some of the main benefits that you can receive by using this online retailer.

The best prices in the industry: receive designer drapes and custom styles in prices that are considerably cheaper than any physical retail location around you. If you are looking for window dressings for all of your homes you can save countless dollars on outfitting your entire place with quality drapery. Rather than having to spend the extra money you can get access to prices which are considerably lower than other competitors in the industry with this company.

Confidence in sizing: every piece of hardware and drapery product that is available on CustomDrapery, comes with a description of sizes. This ensures that every product sold can be made to measure a specific window covering or designed to fit into multiple locations throughout your home. You can also order custom sizes for a variety of different drapes, hardware, and window coverings to ensure that even oddly shaped windows or odd size windows can look their best.

Amazing customer service: if there is ever a problem with any one of your products or you have a question about shipping/installation/sizing and more, it’s possible to contact the award-winning customer service team at Custom Drapery for simple answers at any time. Top-quality customer service ensures you can have confidence in your order and your choice to shop online.

Great shipping options: All hardware and drapery will be packed appropriately for shipping and ship quite quickly to add to the extra convenience of shopping online. You can receive your drapery order in just a few days after making your order. This ensures you can use your new window coverings which have all been measured for their appropriate size in a convenient amount of time.

Consider some of these great reasons and more for regularly purchasing window coverings and drapery from the experts at Customdrapery.biz.

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The inventory available at Customdrapery.biz is extensively larger than you might find it any other drapery or window coverings store. The people running our website and in the ordering department are custom drapery professionals with a workroom. We have been pros for over 20 years and we have a large-scale warehouse of stock fabric and materials to match any modern style.

Our inventory at any time has over 5000 different types of drapery fabric and styles available for creation for customers to pick from. There are products imported from all over the world in some of the finest drapery hardware, fabrics and products available.

We pride ourselves on regularly stocking some of the best new hardware such as back holders, rings, road finials and more all directly imported by our company. Any type of hardware style that you’re interested in for your drapery can be mixed and matched to suit your order directly. This gives customers a greater selection than ever before.

Trim and tassel additions are also available in the inventory in record amounts. If you are interested in getting a specific style or finishing off the look of a drapery product, the wide selection of castles and trim can truly change the look of window coverings in almost any color. This can really enhance the look you create or get something completely different than you may find at a retail location.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of ordering from Customdrapery.biz is that these inventory items are consistently updating with brand-new products as soon as they are available. This ensures that customers will have access to nearly endless options in an inventory of window coverings!

Feel free to check our inventory today and be sure to come back often to see all of our latest inventory options when they are launched!