Valances and Cornices

Valances and Cornices are a classic window treatment that is regularly picked in century homes as well as in rooms where you want to add a touch of class. When producing cornices and valences of extremely important that they are made to measure your window specifically and that they match with your existing drapery and color combinations.

Cornices and valences can be great for producing a beautiful focal point within any room. They truly frame the top of every door panel and they can add an extra sense of height to a room. The problem that many homeowners face however is that it’s difficult to actually find window manufacturers and drapery companies that are still producing these types of blinds and panels made to order. Layered over shades and panels do take time to produce but with the help of, you can easily create valences and cornices which are made to order for your room specifically.

Simply take out the measurements and pick a style of color that will match your existing colors or drapery perfectly. Instead of having to go to multiple retail locations or even match and create the cornices and valences yourself, you can have a wealth of options for comparison through the inventory as well as the ability to get custom creations that are made to suit any window on your property.

After submitting your specifications for measurements and color styles, you can quickly receive your order mailed and ready to assemble at your doorstep.

Imagine the convenience of being able to get a valences cornice style made in your specifications and with the confidence of knowing that the project will work instantly after opening it.